Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter eggs

I loved the concave rainbow large eggs! They are awesome in my Wonderland mantel-scape. It's hard to decorate for Easter and St. Patrick's Day!

I'm not a fan of dying Easter eggs. It's messy and other than having Deviled Eggs at Easter brunch I don't see the point. I remember when I was a kiddo and my parents hid the "real eggs" and they were in a complete PANIC when we couldn't find them all. No one wants their home to smell like rotten eggs. So until we have kiddos of our own, Boyfriend and I decided against dying eggs. 

But that doesn't mean I can't have fabulous Easter decor! Inspired by Torie Jayne: Sequin Eggs and  sweetcsdesigns.com I bought some Styrofoam eggs, A TON of sequins and THOUSANDS of pins in different sizes. They are a great project for watching tv and being mindless, which after work and school I really need. I found I prefer overlapping my sequins so I don't leave white space and that by changing if the sequins are convex of concave it gave the egg a different look. Also I recommend keeping a close eye on the pins and the sequins.  
Boyfriend holding Mom's blue egg. It's not that dark blue usually. 
My mom wanted pastel colors for her decor and I went a little wild with rainbows and metallics. 
Mom's pink egg. 
How did you mix St. Patrick's and Easter decor?
This project can be seen at I gotta Create!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Green Drink

Green Smoothie

Courtesy of: Kimberly Snyder

Everyone I know has a green smoothie recipe (Oprah and Dr. OZ included) and they are all different. I'm sure they all taste wonderful and are healthy.

Most of them: 
Improved digestive system
Better energy
Opportunity to give your body nutrients it most likely wouldn’t receive on a regular basis
Being able to eat raw veggies(w/o a cup of ranch dressing on the side.)
Weight loss
Fight off sickness
Sleep improvement
Rid your body of toxins
Essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals
Helps everyone get their veggies
A few months ago I started making the drink above for Boyfriend and me. Admittedly, I was a little afraid to take the first sip, but after that I fell in love. Boyfriend was more reluctant to try and it took a while for the taste to grow on him but now he complains when we haven't had it in a while. 
If you try making, what Boyfriend and I lovingly call, Green Drink I have a few tips.
  • I don't really measure the greens. More than a half cup of something green isn't going to kill you.
  • Put the lid on the blender BEFORE you turn it on. You'd think that would be something I'd remember, but I ended up having a green dog and green on the ceiling. 
  • If you need up with to much green juice before you start adding fruits don't be afraid to split it in two batches. 
  • I've heard it's easier to make this with a Vitamix. HINT HINT HINT!
  • This can become highly addictive.  
What is your Green Drink recipe?