I wouldn't describe anyone in my immediate family as "crafty" or "domestic gods". One of my grandmothers could sew beautifully (I've been told) but I had another that was lost in a kitchen (the only meal I remember her cooking was Ichiban) and my mother tried hot gluing my girl scout patches on rather than attempting to sew. It surprised everyone when a few years ago I got bit by the DIY bug.
First it was a family tradition of hand embroidering a stocking for my nephew. After I finished I found that I felt less stressed out and that something was missing. So I started another one...
These were my first three. I've done 8 or 9 now.

Then I moved on to staining, recovering and putting together a bench and little projects around my house. Sometimes Boyfriend helps willingly and other times he just rolls his eyes.
Boyfriend took over this project... After rolling his eyes A LOT!
Then I found Pinterest! I'm not a teacher, a human mother (I do have a beautiful Dalmatian/Lab, Cosmo), but I LOVE finding and saving craft ideas. My first Pinterest project was a beautiful wreath my friends and family mocked during the process but loved the end results.
My birthday gift to me!
Now my "me" time is very limited. I'm working full time and managing a household of two working humans and one very active shedding dog not to mention trying my best to be a good girlfriend, daughter, friend and member of society. But I'm noticing the more time I lose to other things the more I desire to craft or work on being a "domestic goddess". My hope for this blog is that I can use it to document my successes and sometimes failures in the world of "domestic arts" as well as my crazy life as a Texas American Princess.